Marie-Noëlle, Simon and their two children have chosen nature as their path to fulfilment. It all started with the dream to build their own personalized eco-friendly home with a garden and mountain view. The house would be 100% insulated using the GREB straw bale building technique. The site, stretching over just a little more than 200,000 square feet, made them want to share the magic of nature with others who would be able to sleep beneath the stars and wake among the mountains.

Marie-Noëlle est fascinée par la communion de l’humain avec la nature. Agronome de formation, elle pratique maintenant la permaculture et l’herboristerie dans les jardins montagneux du Centre de l'Hêtre. Elle se consacre maintenant entièrement à faire rayonner la mission du Centre de l'Hêtre, qui est un lieu de ressourcement et d'inspiration pour le bien être personnel, collectif et environnemental. Simple, généreuse et joyeuse, elle est réputée pour sa qualité de présence et l’attention particulière qu’elle porte sur chaque humain. Par le mouvement conscient et la méditation, elle offre des outils simples et pratiques, transposables dans le quotidien pour un bien-être durable.

“When I saw how you connected with nature during our forest walk, I realized I was in the presence of a woman with a good and serene soul who has worked very hard on herself and her inner being to be able to connect in this way. I could feel your energy throughout my body during the massage. Thank you so much for the well-being you brought into my life.”
June 2018

Simon has a passion for people and has been studying personal development for more than 15 years. In addition to holding degrees in social work, philosophy and change leadership, he is a PCC-certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is additionally a cofounder of and training coach for the ACT in Académie de Coaching Transformationnel, as well as a massage therapist and a naturopath on the roll of the Fédération des Médecines Alternatives (FMA). Simon is known for his sense of humour, presence and listening ear, and is deeply committed to working with each individual from a transformational perspective in order to connect with their true nature.

“For starters, living in a dome is fascinating. A form of direct communion with nature. I want to thank Simon for his professionalism, attentive ear, sound reflections, sensibility, openness and flexibility. I am emerging from my stay a new person! The difficulties in my life are still there, but the way I view them has changed, and my heart is more open. The Centre de l’Hêtre truly is the ‘centre for being.”
Nicole Germain
August 2017