starting from $120/night
4 guests 5-minute walk from the reception


A 24-ft diameter half sphere with unparalleled luminosity for an unmatched experience of renewal. The dome elevates your mind and spirit with thoughtful readings, reflections and décor. Savour the moment as you take it all in!


All lodges include electricity, wood stove and 20 litres of drinking water. Odour-free outside composting toilets and access to an indoor toilet, shower, washer and dryer at the reception. Not suitable for pets. Firewood for outdoor fires not included.

Included amenities

  • Blanket and pillows (bedding or sleeping bag not included)
  • Electrical stove and mini fridge
  • Pots (2), pan (1), kettle
  • Cutting boards, knives, utensils (5)
  • Mugs (4), plates (8), bowls (4)
  • Dish pan, soap and towel, rags
  • Firewood, fire starter, fire-starter paper, matches
  • Toilet paper

Available for rental

  • Bedding for futon beds ($10/bedding kit)
  • 4 winter sleeping bags ($10/bag)


1 double bed + futon


Minimum 2 nights
120$/night + taxes
  • $15/additional guest + taxes
  • Free for children 16 years and under
  • Pour un ressourcement complet!
Pour réserver 1 nuit
120$/night + taxes
  • $15/additional guest + taxes
  • 1- Consultez notre calendrier
  • 2- Contactez-nous 1 semaine avant la date désirée
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