starting from $100/night
2 guests 3-minute walk from the reception


A dome that resonates with environmental values, inspiring us to bring our everyday lives in tune with nature.


All lodges include electricity, wood stove and 20 litres of drinking water. Odour-free outside composting toilets and access to an indoor toilet, shower, washer and dryer at the reception. Not suitable for pets. Firewood for outdoor fires not included.

Included amenities

  • Blanket and pillows (bedding or sleeping bag not included)
  • Electrical stove and mini fridge
  • Pots (2), pan (1), kettle
  • Cutting boards, knives, utensils (5)
  • Mugs (4), plates (8), bowls (4)
  • Dish pan, soap and towel, rags
  • Firewood, fire starter, fire-starter paper, matches
  • Toilet paper

Available for rental

  • Bedding for futon beds ($10/bedding kit)
  • 4 winter sleeping bags ($10/bag)


1 double bed


Minimum 2 nights
Pour ressourcement complet!
100$/night + taxes
  • $15/additional guest + taxes
  • Free for children 16 years and under
  • Ajoutez un massage ou un cours de yoga à votre séjour (voir Forfait)
Pour réserver 1 nuit
à compter de
100$/night + taxes
  • 1- Vérifiez notre calendrier
  • 2- Si 1 nuit de disponible, contactez-nous pour réserver ou
  • 3- Contactez-nous 1 semaine avant la date désirée
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